Shree Prajapati Association (Bolton)

Established 1975
Registered as a Charity Organisation in 1994
Reg. Charity No. 1040703

Coach Tickets £10.00 each and includes entrance fee to the event.

We are please annouce that the coach is now fully booked. There is now a waiting list for a coach seat(s) tickets.

Outbound Journey Departure Coach will be departing from Moor Lane, opposite Albion Pub, Bolton at 6.30 AM Inbound Journey Departure In bound journey Coach will be departing from Leicester at 4.30 PM

For further details pleasephone Champaben or Pushpaben Contact telephone numbers
See your SPA (Bolton) Directory or e-mail to


SPA (Bolton) serving Prajapati Community as well as Local & Internattional Charities.


In 2010 Our branch gave Donations to following charities:

A donations of £301.00 has been sent to DEC Haiti Disaster Appeal.
A donation of £1000 has been sent Navsari for cost of furniture at "Kanya Chatralay"

In 2009 our branch gave donation to following charities:

Shree Prajapati Association (UK) for "Kanya Chatralay" building project in Navsari, India - £1000.00
Shree Prajapati Association (UK) for Shree Prajapati Education Foundations - £101.00
Bolton Hospice - £101.00
BBC Children In Need Appeal - £101.00

About Us

The main aims of Shree Prajapati Association (Bolton) is the advancement of Hindu culture and religion. Advancement of education and relief of poverty and sickness. Although SPA (Bolton) is the branch association, it is autonomous and maintains close link with the national association known as Shree Prajapati Association (UK).

Bolton branch main activities are to celebrate festivals, such as Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, youths activities (sports) and women activities (mahila samelan).

Fund raising for charitable purpose - local appeals, natural disaster appeals, water aid, student accommodation appeals and various other appeals.

We have an elected management committee elected from prajapati members. We hold regular monthly committee meeting and A General Meeting (AGM) annually.

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