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Director's Biography
Chandita Mukherjee

Born 1952 in Japan, Chandita Mukherjee has studied in Tokyo Warsaw, Calcutta and New York. She graduated in sociology and in 1975 took her diploma in cinema direction from the Film and Television Institute, Pune, Her first assignment was that of producer of children's science programmes with SITE. Her primary interest rests with the role of audio-visual multi media in education. From 1985 to 89. Mukherjee conducted research work on India's history of science and technology resulting in "Bharat Ki Chaap" (Identity Of India) She is currently working on a series of Totanama stories-legendary folklore tables using the parrot as the central symbol of communication. Mukherjee is Director of Comet Media Foundation. Apart from featuring in film policy commitees, she is a founding member of AVEHI. a resource centre of educational media artefacts, and of Pratishad, an organisation enlisting cultural resources against communalism, and of Science Education Group, a society that promulgates a comprehensive scientific attitude.

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